Foaming Machines

We offer a wide range of equipment for production of flexible PU Foam blocks. This includes manual, semi auto and fully automatic Batch foaming machines and high capacity Slab-stock Continuous foaming lines.

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Cutting Machines

We are India’s First and Foremost manufacturers of Flexible and Rigid foam cutting machines. With over 25 years of experience, our quality and service commitment is unmatched. We offer a range of foam cutting equipment and also offer customized machines.

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Conveyers & Cutting Lines

With our well equipped design facility we at ASE are capable of designing and manufacturing conveyors for various applications in the Flexible foam industry. We also offer block trimming and cutting lines as per customer specifications.

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A.S. Enterprises

was established way back in 1971 as an automobile accessories manufacturing company.

The expertise gained over the years in metal fabrication and the vast experience of its founder, Mr. Ashok Puri in foam manufacturing initiated the manufacturing venture of cutting and processing machines for flexible polyurethane foam in 1989.


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This is to certify that we are using a continuous foaming machine manufactured by M/s A.S. Enterprises, Delhi since 1999. Our average monthly production from this machine at present is 200 tons

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