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By the late 80’s the Indian flexible foam market had established itself and was looking for expansion but had limited options in terms of production machinery. In those days PU Foam machines were available from developed countries only which were very expensive. This presented Mr. Ashok Puri, founder and proprietor of ASE with an opportunity to manufacture a foam cutting machine. This was a huge challenge as he had to start from scratch and there was no encouragement for him. With his indomitable spirit and high resourcefulness he succeeded in producing India’s First commercially viable Carousel foam cutting machine. Subsequent orders for similar machines started pouring in from foam producers all over the country. We improved with each machine with the aim of manufacturing machines which give trouble free performance to customers for a long time. With time we added more machines to our product range. Today with more than 25 years of experience in the PU foam industry, A.S. Enterprises stands at the top of the Indian PU foam machinery market. Up to January 2014 we have delivered more than 600 machines to over 200 different companies. We have installations in 27 countries apart from India.

Company Policy

coroporate_policyRight from the beginning, at ASE we have looked to produce machines which prove their worth by giving performance comparable to machines from developed countries. Available at a fraction of the cost of such machines, ASE foam machines have proved to be a perfect Import substitute. The first and foremost concern of the company is customer satisfaction. ASE has a good track record of providing efficient after sales support to all its customers which is the reason it has been getting repeat orders from its customers in India and abroad.

Our Manpower

At ASE, we have a work force of 50 highly experienced technician grade workers and 5 technically qualified supervising staff. Specialized services of highly experienced carpenters and painters are engaged on contract basis.

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Our Infrastructure

We have two manufacturing facilities, one in the NCT of Delhi and the other in the adjoining state of Haryana. Both units are conveniently located and have easy approach. Our old manufacturing facility at Badli, Delhi is more than 30 years old.

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Business Specifics

AS Enterprises have been delivering high performance PU foam cutting and processing machines for over two and a half decades. Up till January 2014, we have delivered over 600 machines to over 200 different companies.

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Our Quality Commitment

Producing durable, efficient and high end machines is our driving force. At AS Enterprises, our enduring commitment towards quality output is evident with our ISO Certification. We are an ISO Certified Company providing CE Models of PU foam cutting and processing machines.

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