Horizontal Cutting Machine (Model HRA)

Horizontal cutting machines provide an easy way of converting PU foam blocks into sheets ranging from 2.5mm to 200mm. The machine is PLC controlled and has automatic operation with any point start system, which allows for the operation to be started by the press of just one button from any position.

The cutting is done by an endless band knife running over four dynamically balanced wheels for smooth cutting surface. The table moves to and fro in a linear motion for cutting the foam. After the cut the cutting section lifts up a little to allow obstruction free reverse movement of the table.


Construction The cutting unit is welded steel construction. The table is made from steel pipe and slides over track lines covered with hardened steel. The top is made of wooden to boards coated with special friction material.
Band knife 30MM wide band knife runs over dynamically balanced knife wheels. Motorized grinders sharpen the blade continuously, during cutting operation.
Knife guide It is pretensioned and coated with P.T. F.E.
Thickness Thickness can be pre set with the help of digital display in the range of 0 to 999MM in steps of 0.1MM.
Table capacity The machine can take up to 4 blocks of 1828mm x 915mm (High capacity tables are also available as per customer's selection)
Power required 12 H.P.
Power Supply 415V AC 50Hz
Space required 9M x 4M

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