This machine produces a continuous slab of flat top flexible PU foam. Blocks of desired length can be cut with the help of a block cut-off machine at the end of the conveyor. This machine comes with a bottom conveyor system with standard equipment. These machines are suitable for high productions.


  • Fresh yield up to 88% per block.
  • Maximum output 300 kg per minute.
  • Versatility 9 to 50 density.
  • Multiple density and colour changes online.
  • Walk - in control panel.



FILLING Polyol, TDI & Mecl are transferred with the help of geared pumps.These pumps are good quality Indian pumps.
RAW MATERIAL TANKS S. No. Chemical Quantity Capacity
i Water 1 Tank 500 Ltrs.
ii Amine 1 Tank 200 Ltrs.
iii So 1 Tank 300 Ltrs.
Iv Silicone 1 Tank 200 Ltrs.
v Colors 2 Tanks 100 Ltrs.
METERING All the chemicals are metered with the help of suitable capacity geared pumps from Viking, USA. Maximum output of polyol pumps is kg 225kg per minute and all other pumps have capacities suited to the polyol output for making foam of 9 to 50 density. There are in all 10 chemical streams including flushing.
FLOW METERS TDI, Mecl, water & air calibrated with the help of Rota meters while other chemicals are calibrated with help of digital displays extended from their respective frequency drives.
MIXING HEAD It is high speed pin type stirrer with a 50 hp. AC motor controlled by a variable frequency drive. RPM adjustable from 0 to 5600 RPM. All the streams are fitted on to the mixing head via 3 way valves mounted on a manifold heaving pneumatic controls. A Timing belt is used for driving the mixer without slippage. Provision for adding 2 streams of Polyol and 3 streams for additional catalyst can be made against order.
FALL PLATE It is made in 5 sections, adjustable in height in relation to each other. The height of each section is indicated on the panel. Adjustment of height is made with the help of individual motors. Total length of the plate is 7 meters.
TROUGH Three troughs with different volumes are provided.
CONVEYOR The conveyor is made of strong steel frames with 100mm reinforced aluminum slats on roller chains, driven by a 5hp variable speed drive.
VENTILATION TUNNEL It is made from steel pipe covered with 12mm water proof plyboard. The height of the roof from the conveyor is 1.8 meter. It is made in 9 sections with 5 inspection windows. The width of the tunnel can be varied from 1300mm to 2200mm, from the panel. It is provided with two powerful suction fans to remove the fumes.
ROLLER CONVEYOR A three meter long free-roller conveyor is provided after the slat conveyor.
PAPER FEEDING Bottom paper feeder is underneath the conveyor and the side papers are fed from vertical paper feeders located on both sides of the tunnel. All the papers are automatically rewound at the end of tunnel, with the help of re-winders driven by torque control drives.
ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANEL A walk-in control panel is provided with this machine. All pumps are operated through digital displays extended from their respective AC drives. Their selection switches and potentiometers are placed right below their displays. Protection circuit breakers are provided for all the motors. There are minimum number of push buttons and switches on the panel for easy operation. The flow meter section is built into the panel, covered from the all sides to prevent spillage.
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Side Conveyor system, PLC and Touch Screen Display, Chiller, Storage Tanks, Additional Polyol and Color streams.


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